The Certainty of Uncertainty Author: KJ Lavan

How you do you engage a sense of certainty, strengthen your spiritual connection, & show up as a spiritual warrior right now?

For many of us right now, the scale of the COVID-19 crisis calls to mind 9/11 or the global financial crisis of 2007-2008—events that reshaped society in lasting ways, from how we travel and buy homes, to the level of security and surveillance we’re accustomed to, and even to the language we use.
A global pandemic that keeps us contained in our homes—maybe for months—is already reorienting our lives as it relates to the outside world, to our government, even to each other. Some changes experts expect to see in the coming months or years might feel unfamiliar or unsettling: Will touch become taboo? What will happen to restaurants? Will nations remain closed?
But crisis moments also present opportunity: increased  flexibility & sophistication of technology use, less polarization, a renewed appreciation for the outd…

Your 7-Step Creativity Guide

We are innately creative beings. As a child, we used our untethered imagination to create entire worlds, whether we were playing “house” with our favorite dolls, building sand castles at the beach, or impersonating our unbeatable superhero. Enter adulthood ̶ the time we unfortunately yield to the belief or indoctrination of society that as we age, our brains lose their capacity to reconstruct, develop, proliferate, & transform.
In the not too distant past, scientists believed that once we reach adulthood, our brains were “hardwired” and we no longer had the ability to form new neural connections. In the past two decades, however, this idea has been refuted. A myriad of studies (e.g.“Adult-Born Neurons Modify Excitatory Synaptic Transmission to Existing Neurons”) have documented that the brain has a quality called “plasticity” ̶ the ability to form new neural pathways well into aging years. The brain is extraordinarily fluid, supple, and phenomenally adaptable to new experiences. W…


Self-worth is not about ego. It's about getting unstuck.
What is ego? Ego can be defined as having self-centered likes, dislikes, opinions, tastes, desires, and aims. The core of the ego revolves around three things: I, me, mine...The true-selfꟷsource of peace and loveꟷignores the rigid boundaries and constraint of the ego personality. Without these limitations the true-self has no desperate, personal stake in the world. It only has the ability to love, create, and evolveꟷto grow & progress.
Case in point: for the longest time, I felt I was deserving of a six-figure salary, but I didn’t always align my thinking with my actions. I wasn’t living in alignment with who I was. Life is about who you are, not what you want. And until I aligned myself with my “true calling” (who I am), I kept my special talents, gifts, and ideas from being manifested and making an impact on the world. By being satisfied with doing what I wanted rather than living my purpose—the work the universe has giv…
What are the possibilities for you?
The answer is in your hands...your fingerprint. Your personal calling is as unique as your fingerprint and therefore the possibilities for you are infinite.
Out of the 7 billion plus individuals who occupy planet Earth, no one, and I do mean no one, can share you unique gift. If you don't share it , not only do you suffer, but the universe is that much less for it as well. You are worthy just because you showed up. You showed up endowed with the ideals of the human spirit - creativity, intellect, passion...In accepting and honoring your soul, you honor the whole world. And while spreading that self-love out to the world, you realize this is the reason WHY you are here. You showed up to make a difference.
Let's face it. Fear of failure keeps most of us stuck in spite of the fact that there are only two fears we are born with: 1) the fear of loud sounds & 2) the fear of falling. All other fears are learned. Most people's des…